Hi, there!

I would like to introduce myself a bit, though I know it is a bit late.

I was born in the mid 1990s. The prefecture which I was born is famous in summer season for trip because the weather is good and not humid and the green and water is clean.

This is the photo in the middle of March

In Japan, I don’t know in other countries, but there are key TV net work channels and also the local network TV channels. In Nagano Prefecture, where I was living in the child-hood, there are some key TV network but there was of course the local channel. Local channel shows the news of the local area and also picking up some of the shows from key channel. Mainly, it is difficult to say, but there are Key channels and local channels as a boss and subordinate, so any of the local channels have the boss of key channels.

So to speak, in Nagano Prefecture, not every TV shows are able to watch. This was good for childhood for me I think. I played with my brothers and sisters in the river or field.

In these days even in countryside, not so many children play outside. They play internet games, SWITCH, PS4,5 with their friends. I cannot believe it!!

The time when DS was released was I think when I was in 10th grade or something like that.

Back to the main story, since I was in suburbs and a little far from Japanese kindergarten, my siblings and I went to International kindergarten which was 15 minutes walk from my house at that time. That kindergarten is not open in nowadays but 5 years in there made me not to allergic to English I think.

I was born as a third children in 8 siblings between half French, half Japanese mother and fully Japanese farther.

My native language is Japanese and the first foreign language was English. In the University age, I didn’t master second foreign language. My university has the lotttery in taking foreign language class and I failed in my number one language which was French and I took English classes.

After graduating from university, by the time I enter masters degree, I finally try to challenge to learn French.

The reason was not just I am quarter French, but I had a lot of greeting which was involved to French.

First was my supervisor in thesis was also a language teacher of French. And I had a short cut in learning after I go to masters degree.

Second was that I took a class of “Relation between Africa and Japan” and I felt learning French will have a second point of view in looking at African countries, even my major is no related to Africa.

From here, I would like to go back to my Junior high and High school days since my major has big relationship in these days.

In my school in 9th grade, each of the student have to read the newspaper and cut the article which is related on the theme which the teacher told each of the students to do so.

My theme was “People those have disabilities”

Until I was in 9th grade, I am not familiar to those people who have disabilities. So, what I really could do at the time was to find the newspaper article and read and examine the point.

The first few months was hard for me, because other classmate has the theme that is much more familiar to their daily lives like senior citizens or poor people.

However, doing that for a year, this workshop made me make my dream. I made a dream that “I would like to be in a job which will relate to people with disabilities.

Then, I went to many university school festivals and Information session and I find out couple of universities that I would like to go.

In Japan, university exam is really really difficult comparing to European and States.

I couldn’t go to the really I wished but I could go to the university that I would like to go.

After I entered university, the next miscarried was how to solve the problem of people with disabilities.

For this, I will take another page to talk more deeply because this page is now actually a little long in this point.

Changing to the story of my high school days, When the 3.11 happened, I was high schoolers. in March 11th 2011, I was in middle of the station and my house. The quake was really huge and I could not think anything. After I finally went back to my home and turn on the TV, there was a big tsunami which attacked the family of five. I remember I could not understand what was happening, but I sure to believe that I will decently to go to Tohoku Prefecture to support and volunteer for citizens in Tohoku.

I will end up in here and in afterwards in sometime next few weeks, I would like to talk my self-introduction regarding to hobbies, so please please wait for a moment.

Also, since I am not native, sorry if my writing is difficult to understand.

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