Schedule Planner (ENG&JPN)

How do you use your schedule planner? In Japan lots of schedule planners are in the stationary shop.

I sometimes browse at the store to see the trend of the year, but, when it comes to using by myself, I buy the same thing every year.

Also, in Japan, the new term for both school and business starts in April, so there is a version which starts from November, December, January, which is calculated to use for people who wants to use based on year, or states from March or April, which is calculated for users who wants to use as a term bases.

I am using schedule planner which starts from March, because both my research and job are based on term schedule.

The planner which I am using right now is CITTA schedule planner.

CITTA schedule planner has variety of colors but the inside of the planner is very simple.

There are pages:

  1. can look the monthly schedule visually.(monthly bases)
  2. can widely think how your next few years to be look like.
  3. can track your schedule in a week by 24H time log
  4. can memo what you think or what you have to do in a week timeline
  5. can write down what you wish to do in a month (happy thing that you want wish to do)

Sometimes, you feel lonely in these days but when you writing down the things that you are wishing, then, you can encourage yourself and re-start your day or a week.

This planner has Japanese characters “Kanji” but there are lots of numbers and English, so I think it can be also use as Foreign people.

There are shops in Amazon so, why don’t you blouse for it and if you wish, use as your next schedule planner.

Also, How do you use Schedule Planner in your country? How your schedule planner different from other countries planner? Please give us a comment !!